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How to Fix Thin Eyebrows


I got my eyebrows waxed by someone who just got cheated on. 


I'm a victim of the 90s eyebrows trend. I thought I would look like Brittney Spears and am now cursed with super skinny rainbows attached to my face for the rest of my life. 


I tried a waxing kit at home and I forgot to turn on the lights first.


I went through an emo phase in high school and wanted my eyebrows to look like sad commas so everyone knew that I was emo. They also seemed less permanent than a face tattoo at the time. 

Whatever your situation is, we've all been there. 

Chances are if you're a millennial and you've survived the 90s, you have 50% of the gorgeous eyebrow hair that you once had. 

But, have no fear. There is hope. 

Thanks to iconic makeup artists such as Nikki Makeup and Tamara Williams (not sure why you deleted your instagram Tamara we all miss you dearly) we now have a sense of understanding on how to properly shape and fill in brows. 

And before you grab your pot of nyx eyebrow gel and start slathering on heaps of brown tar that turns your eyebrows into two opaque hardly symmetrical blobs that are 3 miles apart on your face, take a look at this tutorial below on how to achieve N A T U R A L looking brows. 


Yes. Natural. 

You are not a sims character. Your eyebrows do not need to look like two blocks of color. No cap.


If you're interested in changing your ways and becoming the woman (or man) you were destined to be, go pick up a self help book at your local bookstore. If you're trying to get slightly fuller looking eyebrows, you going to need: A clear transparent soap that is meant to use for brows, and a clean spoolie.

Designed to create a perfectly groomed brow, Soapbrows is the product that
broke the internet in the name of natural brows that look more fuller.
The formula has an immediately thickening effect with extra
hold over the whole day for perfectly styled brows.
 How to get less busted looking eyebrows:
In order to use this soap, you will want to spray the tin with fixing spray or water if you're on the go. 
Then, wiggle your spoolie in the tin until a decent amount of product is on the spoolie. 
If you have thick brow hair, you will want to spray 1 squirt of water or fixing spray, in order to maintain the thickness of the formula you are making. 
Once you have wiggled to your hearts content, you may then wiggle some more on your brows to disperse the product evenly. You should notice your brows starting to slightly foam up. 
Lock the shape in place:
Brush all your brow hairs in an upwards direction and press in an upwards motion with your finger to "lock" the brow hairs in place.
At this point, your brows will be very big. You can either trim the tops yourself using our adjustable eyebrow stencil, or brush them down to the side.
After using the brow soap, it is recommended to trim excess brow hairs on top if needed and then fill in with our precision brow brush.


Here is a tutorial if you need more of a visual.


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